What You Need To Know About Investing in Penny Stock

Penny stock is the term pertaining to stocks that are traded for less than a dollar. At present, most penny stocks have upgraded their starting investments to at least $5 per share. The Securities and Exchange Commission or the SEC has then changed the definition to accommodate the stocks that still have less than $5 minimum per share. But even so, the term penny stock is still being used by the industry because the notion that stocks are still sold for a dollar per share is still what most of the misinformed have in mind.

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Real Estate Investing – How to Get Started

You’ve heard the stories about people making millions in real estate, so is it really any surprise why so many people view real estate as a serious investment vehicle? Real Estate investing offers more security than the stock market and provides returns of at least equal magnitude, coupled with attractive tax benefits. Apart from that it really does sounds cool to be ‘in real estate’. Let’s face it, anybody can trade stocks from their phone or home computer. Real estate investment, however, is a real head turner whenever it comes to tangible assets.

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Investing in Equestrian?

The majority of us regular Joes wish we had more money, but it seems the only way to make more money, is to actually have money in the first place, i.e. to invest.

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